The promotion of own brands and products under the brands of our partners plays a huge role in the successful development of Hagris Group Oy. The lion's share of efforts is aimed at maintaining a steadily growing and profitable partner activity. We understand that a brand can occupy a desired proportion of the market only through coordinated efforts of all the links in the chain, starting with the employees of the company and ending with the distributors. To do this, we are constantly working on the creation of a clear marketing support, which allows you to gain and strengthen your positions in the shortest possible time. 

When entering new selling market we operate in stages:

  •  the primary task of our promotion strategy is to carefully study the sales market and get familiar with the target audience.

  • After a detailed analysis our experts develop a marketing development program.

  •  Further, a coordinated plan is introduced on the new territory. 

How does our marketing program work.

Hagris Group Oy starts to supply the most recognizable and memorable brand - Hagris. We organize all sorts of events for its "promotion", which increase the quantity and quality of distribution. Brand awareness is also promoted through active participation in public events such as exhibitions. In our case, those are food exhibitions, where the range of goods or products of Hagris and distribution partners is displayed.
As soon as the "test" product occupies its solid niche among similar products and becomes widely recognized among consumers, it becomes a kind of "locomotive" of sales.

Further development of territories is performed in two ways:

  • strengthening of the "locomotive" positions;

  • gradual introduction of a new product range on this market.

While promoting the brand our experts are constantly expanding market, establishing cooperation with major network regions. To do this, they negotiate with sub-distributors. The company's representative often visit the regions in order to become familiar with the situation, develop additional effective steps for promotion and advertising support.

In addition to proper marketing support, we closely monitor compliance with the balance of pricing for our products. This is how we manage to stay competitive.

By using this sophisticated and well-coordinated marketing strategy our company has achieved a leading position in the various countries of the CIS (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Moldova, etc.) We actively cooperate with established partners (constantly monitoring competitors, develop logistics solutions, create advertising, increase sales), as well as help new companies to advance in the market.