Own brand

We understand how important the own brand is like nobody else. For several years, before creating a line of food products under own brands, our company supplied 100% of products under the brands of our customers. Today this percentage is much lower as we aim to promote our own brands. However, cooperation with customers' brands continues and it is one of the priorities of the Hagris Group Oy company.

We are aware that many distributors are developing their own brands in regions and therefore are ready to offer them cooperation on mutually beneficial terms - parallel development, both for customers' and Hagris brands.

Hagris Group Oy company is ready to offer the production of a certain part of our product range under the customer's brand. It includes sterilized mushrooms, canned peas, corn, pineapples, certain canned fruits and pickled cucumbers, tomatoes.

In addition to the production of products under the customers' brands we offer assistance in:

·         development, improvement and adaptation of design;

·         translation of text for a particular region;

·         creation and maintenance of a website.

We are ready to provide assistance in operation in the CIS countries for European companies that are not our direct competitors:

·         search for partners;

·         logistics solutions;

·         analysis and study of market outlets;

consulting services.