About us

Today Hagris Group Oy is a succeeded and fast growing company, an international team of professionals, own strategy for success and modern technologies, and most importantly, a commitment to long-term, reliable and transparent cooperation with our partners!

Company's history

Before 2009.Due to the absence of our own brand the products were supplied under the brands of our customers.

2009.The group of experts created the Hagris brand after a long and painstaking analysis of markets.The company began to supply and promote canned foods under its own brand. A unique label design, which positively distinguished our products on store shelves making them recognizable and memorable, was created for Hagris.

2010. Iskel and "Dvorjanskoe Razdol'e" brands were created. Each of them was supplied with a unique label design.

2011-2013. Three years of active work, during which the range of canned products was significantly expanded and long-term contracts with distributors from CIS countries were concluded.

2014. Full-scale reorganization after which the head office of the company was moved to Kotka, Finland.

Main center – Kotka

Location of the head office of the company was chosen because of the reliability, convenience and benefits of doing business in Finland.

·         Strict European (Finnish) laws allow our new partners to be confident in us.

·         Kotka is the largest commercial port in Finland, as well as a developed transportation hub, which allows us to store and send cargo using freight cars in Russia and any country in the CIS.

·         We ship our products directly from factories, it creates the ideal conditions for convenient pricing and allows us to make the most profitable and competitive offers. 


Today our company supplies its products from China, Vietnam, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland and Thailand. At the same time we do not stand still, we are developing and constantly adding new products to our range, we are improving the design, logistics, marketing and price offers. Main supply directions are the CIS countries, where some impressive results have already been achieved. However, we also develop the European direction.   

Our values

Work style of Hagris Group Oy is characterized by our flawless execution of commitments, as well as compliance with regional pricing policy and principles of exclusivity. All our employees value and adhere to the following principles:

·         Reliability.

·         Honesty.

·         Respect.

·         Openness and transparency in relations.           

·         Mutually beneficial relations.