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Dear Sirs!

The Finnish company Hagris Group Oy is one of the leading suppliers of canned foods, sauces and peanuts under three own brand names:

·         Hagris

·         Iskel 

·         "Dvorjanskoe Razdol'e"

In some regions we supply products under the brands of our partners. The main and significant share of the company's supply accounts for the CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) In some of them we have already established ourselves as leaders in sales!

The company is constantly increasing its sales volumes and coverage. This is achieved through control of product quality as well as excellent operation of our international and professional team working in Finland and other various countries at production sites and in trade missions. We always welcome long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with new distributors. We are serious about the protection of the interests of our partners and promotion of our products in a particular region.

Financial security and profits

Financial security with Hagris Group Oy is what our customers and partners value. The Finnish company always complies with the agreements reached, including exclusivity. Marketing concepts individually designed for each region help to achieve three main objectives:

·         launch products in the market asap;

·         gain the lead;

·         make profit.

Product range

Years of experience have allowed us to expand our range of products, which today includes about one hundred positions and is able to fully meet the needs of any distribution company in the conservation segment.

Hagris Group Oy's formula for success

Constant self-improvement and self-development of the company, search for new opportunities, logistic solutions and marketing moves ensure our partners that cooperation with Hagris Group Oy will bring not only a significant effect of increasing profits but also the satisfaction of working with us.